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The Yorkshire Terrier Club Rescue & Rehoming

The Yorkshire Terrier Club Rescue & Rehoming

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Living with a Rescue

It takes a special kind of person to take on any rescue dog but especially one of the smaller breeds as you have to rely a great deal on what you've been told by the Rescue Society.
Unfortunately, not all the groups are as honest as they could be so you really are taking on an "unknown" entity.

When approaching a rescue organization, it may be an idea to ask

1.     If & how was the dog assessed ?

2.     How long was the dog assessed for and in what conditions ?

And More Importantly

3.     What kind of follow up & support do they offer after rehousing the dog with you ?

A genuine organization will be only too happy to provide you with the answers to the above as they have the dogs best interests at heart.

It has also been brought to our attention recently that some groups are now charging a fee which is non returnable should you be deemed unsuitable for a rescue as well as charging a
"donation fee"

on receipt of a dog.

These groups should be avoided as genuine rescue's should only charge once, that charge being a "donation".

Unfortunately, not all Rescue Societies are what they seem
so it is important to satisfy yourself as to the

competence of such groups.

Should you go ahead, here are some helpful hints that may be of use to you when you receive your new found friend.

            1.    Don't just get your new friend and rush out leaving him/her alone.

            2.    Don't throw a party for your new friend as he/she will be confused and want time to settle in.

            3.    Introduce friends, neighbours & relatives over a period of time.

            4.    Take time to get to know your new friend.

            5.    When your new friend arrives home, always supervise meetings with children and other family pets until you feel you can trust him/her 100%.

            6.     Always remember, your new friend has a history & although he/she should have been assessed, some things may worry  him/her so watch his/her reactions & reassure him/her that there is nothing to worry about.

            7.    Some new friends when they go to a new home act like they've always been there whereas some are very nervous. Allow for this & with some peace & quiet as well as some reassurance they should soon settle.

            8.    Try to get him/her into a routine as soon as possible & stick to it.

            9.    Enrol your friend in a local dog friendly training class as a trained dog is a happy dog.
                   You'll build up a bond and learn to respect one another as well as having fun.

            10.  Yorkshire Terriers are very intelligent, think up learning games to both occupy & stimulate his/her mind.  A sad sight is a totally bored dog

            11.  Visit your local library & borrow training books, you'd be amazed at how much fun you can have and yes, you can teach an old dog  new tricks.

            12.  Any problems you may have with your new friend you should be able to overcome with patience, thought & a little consideration, so don't give up, persevere.

It should be noted that when taking on any dog but more so the rescue one you will need a lot of time, effort, patience & understanding but the rewards are just unbelievable.
Therefore, think seriously before making any final decisions.

Your new friend has a past, it may be good,
it may be bad,

but it's up to you to give it a joyous future.